​Mo​vement Coach, Fitness & Wellness Educator & Trai​ner

Who Am I?

I enjoy seeing people achieve their goals and exceed their expectations. 

I did not play sports growing up and didn't do any focused exercise until university. My father was a competitive bodybuilder and I think that is why I love weight training so much. 
In my 40s, I joined a roller derby league and became the head trainer for my team. I decided that I needed more knowledge to help my team get better and stronger. I became canfitpro certified. I taught classes and also did 1-on-1 training. 

After playing for a few years, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Osteoarthritis. The diagnosis was an emotional and physical set-back. However, I learned a lot about what my body doesn't like and all the amazing things that it CAN do. I use that knowledge to train my clients and to remind them that there is always a "work-around". Stopping doesn't have to be the answer. 

I am continually updating my knowledge through training, courses and mentorships. I have also studied and learned in-depth assessment techniques, which in turn has led to detailed and effective corrective and exercise protocols and design.

Career Highlights:

EBFA Level 1 Certification

Personal Trainer

Group Fitness Trainer

Wellness Educator

Active Aging Certification

Stress Resiliency Certification

Pregnancy Fitness Certification

3-Month Fitness Mentorship

Anatomy of a Workout Training

Advanced Training Systems Certification

Health and Nutrition Life Coach Certification

Canfitpro Certification

Reiki Level 2 Practitioner

Yoga Certification 


Fran has an excellent way at giving you that extra push when you need it, but always gives support along the way too. With recovering from a serious ankle injury, some of my biggest challenges have been more mental and Fran has been there pushing me to try and test my limits in order to achieve results! Fran has been a big support for me in roller derby and my recovery and works one-on-one in order to customize activities so I can keep progressing my skills.






Fran takes great care when creating custom workouts for her clients. I really like that she factors in where I am at physically and makes adjustments when needed. She listens and asks clarifying questions, which I really appreciate in a trainer.